Baltic Sea Tourism Center

Tourism has become one of the fastest growing economies worldwide. Besides UNWTO projections for 1.8 m international tourists by 2030, internationalisation and tourism require sustainable, comprehensive management of the Baltic Sea as a destination. Cohesion and competitiveness are needed for better connections and increased prosperity in tourism.

International partnerships, generating insights and improving skills are the core competences of the Baltic Sea Tourism Center - to deliver a more sustainable, competitive, international, macro-regional performance for the future of the Baltic Sea region.

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Comprising joint objectives and mutual benefits by complementing distinct strategic orientations of countries and regions in a meaningful way.



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The Baltic Sea - well known for its natural beauty, clean water and safe environment – invites you to discover its natural and cultural treasures. Experience the stunning facets of this exceptional region first-hand. Can’t wait to explore the Baltic Sea coast and its hinterland? Our relaunched website is now available online.