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In an ever shrinking and integrating world, tourism has become one of the fastest growing industries worldwide and has experienced exceptional growth over the past decades. The Baltic Sea region is no exception. From 2014 to 2017, the area recorded an increase of 14.2% in arrivals and respectively 12.2% in overnight stays which amounts to a total of 86 million arrivals and 225 million overnight stays in 2017. This makes the Baltic Sea region entering an increasing global competition. To remain competitive, internationalization strategies need to be realigned to benefit from the positive effects and minimize the negative implications of growing tourism flows.

Strengthening international partnerships, providing profound insights and enhancing professional skills are key to deliver a more sustainable, competitive and international performance for a thriving future of the Baltic Sea region. Join the Baltic Sea Tourism Center and learn more about steps towards more permanent tourism cooperation in the Baltic Sea region.

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Comprising joint objectives and mutual benefits by complementing distinct strategic orientations of countries and regions in a meaningful way.



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The Baltic Sea - well known for its natural beauty, clean water and safe environment – invites you to discover its natural and cultural treasures. Experience the stunning facets of this exceptional region first-hand. Can’t wait to explore the Baltic Sea coast and its hinterland? Our relaunched website is now available online.