12th Baltic Sea Tourism Forum: Stefan Hyttfors on the future of tourism

By 2030 there will be 400 million more international tourists than today. At the same time, our smartphones and wearable devices will have AI capabilities. Health tracking will be the number one feature. This means a growing number of people will make decisions based on their physical and mental health. Future winners will embrace smart technologies but focus on how to establish trust as the key feature of human intelligence.

Stefan Hyttfors. Global speaker, author and change agent. ©Stefan Hyttfors

With his Key Note “Five things you need to know about the future of tourism”, Stefan Hyttfors, a global speaker, author and change agent from Sweden, will enrich this year’s Baltic Sea Tourism Forum on 13.11.2019 in Brussels. As a former journalist and economist, Hyttfors focuses in his speeches on innovation, technology and behavioural change and manages to show his audience existing challenges in business and society, but also encourages them to embrace the unknown. Hyttfors, who has been awarded the Swedish speaker of the year two times, will win us all with his energy, wisdom and optimism.

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