Expert Groups

The Baltic Sea Tourism Center strives to facilitate international connections between tourism stakeholders in the Baltic Sea region. It bundles competences and serves for the sector by tackling macro-regional challenges. Therefore, transnational working areas have been identified throughout an intensive stakeholder consultation over the past years. Among others, these are the areas of Tourism Policies, Sustainable Tourism, Market Research and Professional Trainings. Each subject is of mutual interest for the entire Baltic Sea region and can contain a number of positive and negative impacts on the sector.

In order to develop joint solutions, the Baltic Sea Tourism Center heavily depends on the active contribution of likeminded partners around the Baltic Sea. Therefore, initially four Expert Groups on the specific subjects have been launched. Tourism stakeholders that show interest in a permanent collaboration across borders are invited to join the working groups and support the BSTC with knowledge and expertise in the areas addressed. Information on the objectives and requirements are available under each respective Expert Group that are: Tourism Policies, Sustainable Tourism, Market Research and Training Offerings. Join one or more teams and see what is in for you and your region.