Expert Group "Tourism Policy"

The Expert Group “Tourism Policies” is created in order to contribute to the Baltic Sea Tourism Center, especially in the core competence area “Partnerships”.


The Expert Group “Tourism Policies” consists essentially of the members of the Steering Group of the EUSBSR Policy Area Tourism and further BSR public authorities.It is a permanent working group, which is open for participation by stakeholders as long as they have a thematic connection (responsibility) to travel and tourism in the Baltic Sea region and are interested in promoting it.

Members commit themselves to the Expert Group in writing for two-year terms. Meetings will be held as needed, but at least two meetings (spring and autumn) per year.

Responsibilities & fields of action

The Expert Group inter alia:

  • supports the establishment process of the Baltic Sea Tourism Center;
  • contributes to the Baltic Sea Tourism Center and implements actions pertaining to the core competence area Partnerships. It creates the basis for strategic and political recommendations;
  • revises the Action Plan of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (strategy development for working on Baltic Sea level);
  • speaks with one voice for the BSR tourism industry and jointly lobbies for BSR on EU-level;
  • supports the implementation of the annual Baltic Sea Tourism Forum (e.g. strategic focus of agenda, declaration)
  • gives direction and recommendation for future project proposals and future project topics/content, and monitors transregional projects
Contact information

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Ministry of Economics, Employment and Health
Andrea Krabbe 
Phone +49 385 588 5241