Market Research

Tourism Market Monitor® (TMM)

The TMM provides BSR tourism stakeholders with current transregional industry data for strategic decisions on BSR tourism developments. The semi-automatic system uses open data to compile information from different sources through a defined set of indicators on a national and regional level, taking into account different stakeholder data requirements.

The collected data provide the basis for predicting the future demand for BSR tourism and benchmarking the current supply of BSR tourism infrastructure. As a result, annual market reports will be established. The reports will help BSR tourism stakeholders to make better informed decisions, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the industry.

Tourism Trend Radar® (TTR)

The aim of the TTR is to provide BSR tourism stakeholders with current data on trends in the travel and tourism industry. In comparison to the TTM - which focuses on quantitative data (facts and figures) -, the TTR puts an emphasis on qualitative data usually found in trend studies.

The TTR is a webbased trend analysis platform which is used to create forecasts and roadmaps for relevant travel and tourism trends in the BSR. Based on the platform a summary report is produced and made available to BSR tourism stakeholders.