Expert Group "Sustainable Tourism"

The Expert Group “Sustainable Tourism” is created in order to advise and assist the Baltic Sea Tourism Center under the core competence Skills. It aims at monitoring/measuring sustainable tourism development in the BSR.


The Expert Group sees itself as a permanent working group, which is open for participation by stakeholders as long as they have a thematic connection (responsibility) to sustainable travel and tourism in the Baltic Sea region and are interested in promoting it.

Members commit themselves to the Expert Group in writing for two years. The Expert Group holds meetings as needed, but at least two meetings (spring and autumn) per year.

Responsibilities & fields of action

The Expert Group inter alia:

  • provides advice and assistance to the Baltic Sea Tourism Center and recommend actions pertaining to the core competence Skills;
  • start and intensify a targeted discussion process on the establishment of a tourism specific SDG relevant indicator set;
  • supports the initiation of EUSBSR flagship projects under the roof of PA Tourism, whose objective is to maximize the positive impact of the tourism sector on SDG achievement in the BSR;
  • is responsible for the implementation of the Sustainable Tourism Award, first implemented at the Baltic Sea Tourism Forum 2020;
  • gives direction and recommendation for future project proposals and future project topics/content
Contact information

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