BSTC Expert Group on Sustainable Tourism kicks off in Copenhagen

On March 20, 2019 tourism stakeholders from the Baltic Sea region met in Copenhagen to kick off the BSTC Expert Group on Sustainable Tourism.

Do you have expertise in different areas of sustainable tourism development? Are you or is someone you know working in an organisation that focuses closely on the development and integration of sustainability in the tourism sector? Are you whole-heartedly interested in pushing sustainability in the Baltic Sea region forward? Then this one’s for you:

On March 20, 2019 tourism stakeholders from the Baltic Sea region met in Copenhagen to kick off the BSTC Expert Group on Sustainable Tourism. Experts from various tourism fields discussed the further development of the group and its activities as well as the services provided in the future. It became clear that there is a sector driven need to set up and maintain a permanent working group dedicated to the topics related to sustainability in tourism in the Baltic Sea region. By getting together on a regular basis, a new cooperation platform for interested and driven tourism stakeholders in the Baltic Sea region shall be developed and exchange and communication in the area of sustainability fostered.

The Expert Group has been created in order to advice and assist the Baltic Sea Tourism Center under the core competence Skills, aiming at monitoring and measuring sustainable tourism developments in the BSR.

In the following months, additional meetings by all four BSTC Expert Groups are planned (Tourism Policy, Market Research, Training Offerings, Sustainable Tourism). Stay tuned to learn more about the developments.


After the unfolding of the BSTC core competences “Partnerships”, “Insights” and “Skills”, the BSTC project team implemented the correlating Expert Groups “Tourism Policy”, “Market Research”, “Sustainable Tourism” and “Training Offerings”. Members of the groups aim at strengthening the cross-border cooperation, generating output that is relevant for various tourism actors in the BSR and provide a basis for upcoming ideas and projects that are relevant for improving innovation in the BSR.

The Expert Group on Sustainable Tourism emerged from the project “From SDGs towards sustainable tourism in the Baltic Sea region”, carried out from 01.09.2017 to 31.08.2018. The project tracked down the status quo of sustainable tourism in the BSR and identified best practices, triggered processes, gaps and differences in order to develop, provide and communicate solutions. It has been the first formal step towards a more systematic approach to promoting sustainability in the tourism sector: a flagship process in the frame of EUSBSR’s PA Tourism which aims at achieving a real impact.

This is where you come in:

If you are interested in becoming an active member of the permanent Expert Group "Sustainable Tourism", please contact us.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Tourist Board
Johannes Volkmar
Head Baltic Sea Cooperation  
Phone +49 381 4030663
E-Mail j.volkmar{at} 

[Members of this permanent working group should have a thematic connection to travel and tourism in the Baltic Sea region and should belong to tourism professions and politic areas, respectively administrative bodies.]

Should you be interested in joining the Expert Groups on “Tourism Policy”, “Market Research” or “Training Offerings”, contact the Expert Group leaders, referred to on our website: