The first Baltic Sea World Heritage Summit hosted in Karlskrona

The First Baltic Sea World Heritage Summit, held in Karlskrona from 24 to 26 September 2019, offered the World Heritage sites around the Baltic Sea the possibility to meet and to work together for a common future.

First Baltic Sea World Heritage Summit hosted in Karlskrona, 24-26 September 2019 | ©EUCC-D

Co-organized by the Interreg South Baltic Project DUNC (Development of UNESCO Natural & Cultural Assets), the Summit for Coastal World Heritage sites around the Baltic Sea aimed at strengthening the cooperation and the promotion of exchange of knowledge and good practices amongst stakeholders, World Heritage Coordinators, Municipalities and representatives of the tourism and business sector.

The Summit focused on several topics that are relevant for the World Heritage sites such as branding, disaster risk management, sustainable tourism, business development and the UN Agenda 2030. Numerous Key note speakers including Mr. Fredrik Reinfeldt, former Prime Minister of Sweden, inspired the participants with their talks.

Participants from Sweden, Germany, Poland, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, UK and France used this event for exchanging ideas and discuss current developments. This first Baltic Sea World Heritage Summit could achieve its aim of bridging the World Heritage Sites around the Baltic Sea and laying the foundations for future exchanges, joint projects and larger network.

Mrs. Elena Peverada shared her impressions after the conference: “It was nice to realize and feel, like always in conferences like this, that you are not as alone as you might think. The challenges that you face in your daily work, are similar to the ones that other sites around the Baltic Sea are facing. You realize once more to be a part of a larger family. I got the opportunity to discuss about interesting topics, received new information and useful contacts for future collaboration”.

On the last day of the event the DUNC project presented the idea of establishing a Baltic Sea World Heritage Center in Karlskrona. The idea is to create a Center that provides support to all coastal World Heritage Sites in the Baltic Sea region, in areas such as sustainable development, joint projects, fundraising, business development and updating of Management Plans. The participants were positive about this project, especially after clarifying that the Center would not compete with existing networks and associations, but rather support them. All sites will be invited to shape the center and its areas of expertise, and thereby make it truly useful and valuable for all.

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