New websites increase visibility of the Baltic Sea region

Baltic Sea Tourism Center extends its communication channels for tourism sector and visitors.

Communication is one of the BSTC’s main priority areas. For this purpose, two websites have been launched that on the one hand inform about transnational cooperation at business level, and on the other hand promote the Baltic Sea region by means of exclusively developed products for international visitors.

The presents the latest information on touristic cooperation in the Baltic Sea region. This new online presence is a digital contact point for interested institutions as well as existing partners of the Baltic Sea Tourism Center. The competence fields “partnerships”, “insights”, and “skills”, as well as the Center’s structure and objectives are presented. Additionally, the website highlights the overall objectives, findings of further EU projects, current news and results of Baltic Sea cooperation, possibilities for grants for transnational projects, and features all relevant information on the Baltic Sea Tourism Forum. Moreover, the webpage informs about upcoming events, studies and strategy papers.

The website presents newly developed offers to potential visitors as well as tour operators. These products are the output of a professional product development process in the Baltic Sea region. Overall, twelve international products combine the aspects of quality and sustainability, the unexploited potential of off-season products, cultural and natural assets, and active tourism. They serve as an inspiration for visitors when on holidays at the Baltic Sea – the topics Culture, Nature, Family Holidays and Active & Adventure are focussed on.  The website especially addresses the source markets Austria and Great Britain. In line with this, language options are available in German and English. In the first step regional partners from Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, and Poland participated in the development process. The declared aim is to involve more regions and countries from the entire Baltic Sea region. The product development training is coordinated and conducted by the Baltic Sea Tourism Center.